Meet the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Tight

This is the first recovery compression wear from Nike.

The idea is that this specially designed post-workout kit helps reduce swelling and aids active recovery.

Goes on sale on 3 Feb on Planet Earth.


Ran my first half-marathon today in Long Beach and it was amazing! Finished in under my goal time and ran at an overall faster pace than my normal training runs. I even had the energy to sprint to the finish at the end (although my quads are SO sore right now). My official time was 2:19, and as an ex-non-runner, I’m pretty happy with that. It may have been my first race ever but it seemed like a really well-organized event. Much thanks to all the volunteers, cheering roadside spectators, and my friends & mom who came out to support. Can’t wait for the next race!

Post-race, we headed to Michael’s Pizzeria, which was recently ranked by Zagat as the country’s finest pizza place. I will say that they do make a damn tasty pie or two.