Argentina, Brazil | 12.28.06 | walked around the Argentinian side of Iguazu in the morning, was eaten alive by mosquitoes. a butterfly flew onto my dad’s hat and stuck around with us for a bit. our tour guide then semi-illegally got us through to the Brazilian side of the falls, where you can get pretty close to the water. on the way back, we stopped in the middle of the bridge where you can see Argentina on the left bank, Paraguay in the far distance, and Brazil on the right. flew back to Buenos Aires in the evening and realized only too late that trying to have dinner alfresco next to the Rio de la Plata was a bad idea—the mosquitoes had quite a feast tho. 

Egypt | 12.28.07 | early morning flight from Cairo to Aswan for a visit to Abu Simbel. still astounded by the fact that they moved the entire temple in prep for building the dam! took a short boat ride on the Nile and noticed that the sands of the Sahara come right up to the edge of the river. hopped on a camel and journeyed over to a Nubian village. the hibiscus tea and snacks totally coaxed us into buying more handmade trinkets and whatnots than was necessary.