i remember that one of the classes offered when i was in middle school was a calligraphy class. i thought it’d be a waste of time back then, but i really wish i’d taken it. not just because Steve Jobs has vetted it, but i’m sure it’ll soon be a lost art. 

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Apartheid Museum Soweto Robben Island from Signal Hill

my recent trip through South Africa enlightened me greatly on Apartheid. by extension, i also learned a great deal about who Nelson Mandela was, how he stood by his beliefs and went from prisoner to president, and how he learned to forgive. just an extraordinary man. one of our first stops was Mandela’s humble old home in Soweto. it was cold and rainy, and the house was tiny and crammed full of tourists, but i remember feeling really honored to have been able to visit—it wasn’t on the tour itinerary, so it was a nice surprise. on the flip side, i was incredibly disappointed that the tour did not arrange any time to visit Robben Island, where he was imprisoned for 27 years. i tried to pick up a couple of tickets on my own, but it was all sold out (apparently you HAVE to order in advance). i saw the island when we went up Signal Hill and Table Mountain—so close yet so far. 

Mr. Mandela had been ill for some time and i’m sure people were expecting this. but it’s still sad when someone of this stature, this iconic historical figure, is no longer with us. what’s important is the he was here, he made the world better, and his legacy will live on. 

New Orleans, I love you. 
Had a short but amazing trip. Got to catch up with old friends, see some films at the film festival, and walked all around the city. The food was great, the music was fantastic, and the Halloween decorations were most impressive. Definitely going back to this incredible city. 



The 2013 Maverick Awards Gala took place Saturday night honoring legendary director Peter Bogdanovich with the Honorary Maverick Lifetime Achievement Award. Revered for his work in films like The Last Picture Show and Paper Moon, Bogdanovich starred in the New York Premier of Cold Turkey and…

you guys, you guys, “Above the Sea” won Best Student Short at Woodstock!! yay!!