An Oscar-Nominated Director Gets Real About How Women Are Treated in Hollywood


The following is cross-posted from Lexi Alexander’s blog with permission from the author.

Editor’s Note: The post below is very important. This is a woman director standing up for herself and other women directors. She does this at great peril, but it is so important that women directors…

A very thoughtful write-up of the state of women directors (yes, we still have to make the distinction bc there is still unfortunately a distinction). 

The side effects of the chemo wouldn’t kick in for at least a week, so she spent her days with Delia powering through a TV pilot they were writing for Scott Rudin… Because of my mother’s tremendous sense of will and a modest dose of steroids, the script was finished before the chemo was.

Rudin v. Denby: 'Dragon Tattoo' Producer Replies To Critic's Upcoming New Yorker Review Embargo Break

this squabble seems like good (read: free) publicity for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The New Yorker — win-win all around. well played, sirs, well played.
i mean if this were real, Scott Rudin would probably be all Les Grossman in David Denby’s face. besides, who ‘leaked’ this email correspondence anyway?