Chef (2014) | let it be known that when the writing is weak (the proportions are off and Jon Favreau’s Chef Carl Casper doesn’t actually have any obstacles to tackle), celebrity cameos, food porn shots, and an over-saturation of soundtrack won’t make it any better.

Lying Liars who Lie - Let's be honest about Sarah Jones


So the producers of MIDNIGHT RIDER are charged now and the wheels are turning and according to Daily Variety and just about every person I talk to who is in charge of determining my hours we are all “more focused on safety.” It’s all over my Facebook Feed and Twitter Feed and you know what….?



as an indie producer who’s crewed on sets, I make it a priority to keep humane work/turnover hours. 12 on, 12 off, union or not. it correlates directly with the safety of your crew and set AS WELL AS ITS EFFICIENCY! we’ve all stolen shots here and there, but if you’re actually in a situation in which you’re asking yourself “should I have a permit for this?” you probably should have attained one. 

making movies should never have to result in death or involuntary manslaughter charges. this shit is awful, but here’s to hoping the severity of it will keep this from happening again. 

Ukraine is Not a Brothel (2013) | feminism and feminist protest should be encouraged and supported, but I’ve always felt unsure about FEMEN, the topless protest group that originated from Ukraine. as one of the best documentaries I’ve watched recently, Ukraine is Not a Brothel boldly explores the organization and uncovers truths about it that provide a deeper (and sadder, honestly) understanding about the place of women today.